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  • Youth Camp 21st - 22nd September
  • Outreach Catalyst October 28



The future generation of St. Andrew's is the young people of today. Soon after finishing Sunday School, the next important phase of life is youth. The Kirk Youth Fellowship is known for its involvement in all the major programmes of our church. The youth activities include leading worship, reaching out to underprivileged youth and children through outreach, offering medical support, conducting bible study, organising Games and Activities during camps, retreats, etc.


1st Sunday: Discussion, Prayer & Fellowship - During this time, Youth share their views on the Word of God and pray for Our Country, Our State, Our Church and the upcoming activities of youth during the month.

2nd Sunday: Outreach Sunday- The youth involve in Evangelism work. The youth help in worship and leading the service at our Outreach Church in Thirupaalaivanam. After the service, doctors who are a part of KYF treat the patients coming to the Thirupaalaivanam clinic.

3rd Sunday: Bible Study- The youth are involved in bible study every month. They focus on living a life pleasing to Christ. This happens immediately after the 9AM Sermon at The Manse.
4th Sunday:

  • Catalyst - It's an exclusive youth service which happens in The SACCE Hall at 9AM. The main theme of Catalyst is "Changing Unchanged". This service was started on 23 May 2010. During this service, we Praise God through worship, which is followed by a power packed message from our Guest Speakers.
  • Tract Distribution - After the Catalyst, we go around Egmore Railway Station and Bus Stop giving tracts and spreading God's Word to the unbelievers in the form of tracts. We use tracts of different languages to help the people understand the Word of God.
  • Outreach Youth Service at Gypsy Colony- This is also a part of our Evangelism work where we worship and lead the service at our Outreach Church in Gypsy Colony. During the Service, we praise God through songs, put up a skit and teach the outreach youth new action songs thereby praising Our Lord Almighty.
2nd Friday: Home Fellowship - This is an informal youth gathering. We discuss the issues/questions the youth face on a daily basics. Being an informal discussion, we speak about the practical difficulties we have and try to arrive at a conclusion. We meet at the home of youth members for fellowship at 7pm. This is followed by fellowship over dinner.

5th Sunday: Witnessing Sunday - It is the time where the youth Praise God and stand as Witnesses for Christ. Please do PRAY for this Ministry and uphold its needs.


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Special Events for the Year 2018
August '18 - Worship Workshop
September '18 - Annual Youth Camp
October '18 - Annual Outreach Catalyst
November '18 - Career Counselling
December '18 - Christmas Celebration

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"To invite and nourish more youth in God's Presence and focus on His Word and be ready as a fit weapon for the Second Coming of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."


If you are interested in joining our fellowship, you may contact, Suman Meshach Mathew(Secretary)- +919840326078 Judith Grace Jenefa (Treasurer)- +919884555573