Audio Ministry


This ministry was started in the year 2003 with an objective to enable the congregation members to listen to the messages again and also to spread the same to their loved ones. This also helps the congregation members / Sunday School teachers who couldn't attend the service to listen at their own convenience. Every Sunday, both morning and evening service Sermons are recorded and given on request. The messages delivered during the annual camp and retreat are also recorded and distributed in Audio CD and MP3 formats. The CDs are made on request.

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Recent Sermons

09/4/17 "Eyes on the Prize" Rev Isaac Johnson
02/4/17 "The Problem of Pain" Rev Isaac Johnson
26/3/17 An Exposition of John Chapter 19 Dr. Kethoser (Aniu) Kevichusa
19/4/17 "The Next Generation’s Inheritance" Rev. David Singh
12/4/17 "Discerned or Deceived" Rev Isaac Johnson

Guest Speakers

Wise Woman Dr Soundaravalli Harris 25/2/15
Love, Marriage and The Cross Dr Emmanuel Haqq 21/2/10
God's Plan for You Mrs Meghala Ratnaiya 24/8/08
The Presence of the Lord Rev David Singh 10/8/08
Who is my neighbour? Rev Prince Singh 15/7/07
Thanks giving Rev Peter Francis 10/9/06
In Everything Pre Eminent Rev John Wood 19/2/06
Knowing And Doing Rev John Wood 19/2/06
We've not ceased to Pray for you Rev John Wood 12/2/06
A Tale of Two Cities Rev John Wood 12/2/06
The Mind Of Christ Dr Sam Kamalesan 05/2/06
Grief and Grace Rev John Wood 05/2/06
God with us and God in us Rev John Wood 29/1/06
The Freedom of Love Rev John Wood 29/1/06
The Way, The Truth, The Life Rev John Wood 22/1/06
God's Glory and Ours Rev John Wood 22/1/06
The Cost of Discipleship Rev John Wood 15/1/06
Response to Faith Rev John Wood 15/1/06
Vital Signs Rev John Wood 08/1/06
A New Beginning Rev John Wood 08/1/06
Rich Fool Rev Peter Francis []
God's 5 point plan for stress reduction Rev Peter Francis []
Jesus Christ Mr P.C Verghees []
Mind of Christ Mr Rajkumar []
Preserving Peace Mr Rajkumar []
Healing Dr Colin John []